#TweetBD – Who’s Selling our City and District?

Social media is good for many things: sharing photos of kittens, telling people what you’re having for tea and living celebrities’ lives vicariously 140 characters at a time. However, increasingly it’s being used by companies to advertise their wares; how many times has a friend ‘liked’ a product or retweeted a first person account from a curry sauce? Bradford MDC also uses social media, employing several Facebook pages and Twitter accounts to show what the district has on offer.

This week, I’m asking our political leaders to retweet what our district has to offer. I’ll award points for RTs, tweets about events in the district, and blogs about what’s going on.

Will our politicians rise to the challenge?

What’s the point?
Of course, it’s a bit of fun, but there is a serious point. Social media needs the social part – it needs to be shared between friends and followers. If Bradford Council’s social media strategy is to work, it needs people to retweet links to events and attractions. If this game can get some well-connected and influential people spreading the word about Bradford, brilliant. The best case scenario would be for them to get into the habit of sharing and to continue to do so after this week.

Of course, it’s just a game, so they might simply ignore it – and as beneficiaries of the public purse, maybe they should – but I do hope to light their competitive streak and, in doing so, letting people around the district, around the country, know that Bradford’s got loads going on.

Who’s involved?
The way I’ve picked politicians is far from scientific, but I’ve tried to be fair. I’ve thought of the people I’d like, maybe even expect, to be selling our city and district, and I’ve tried to pick politicians from all parties and across the district. Unfortunately, this has been difficult, with Keighley and Ilkley politicians being less likely to tweet (but if you know of any, please let me know as I’d like to be following them), and with Labour councillors being the lion’s share of the political tweeters.

The contestants:
George Galloway (Respect) – MP for Bradford West, and my MP – 94708 followers
Philip Davies (Conservative) – MP for Shipley – 4457 followers
David Ward (LibDem) – MP for Bradford East – 1289 followers
Gerry Sutcliffe (Labour) – MP for Bradford South – 792 followers
Dave Green (Labour) – Leader of the Council and Cllr for Wibsey – 505 followers
Susan Hinchcliffe (Labour) – Employment, Skills & Culture and Cllr for Windhill & Wrose – 1458 followers
Mohammad Shabbir (Respect) – One of my councillors as Cllr for Heaton 148 followers
Simon Cooke (Conservative) – Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group and Cllr for Bingley Rurl – 2473 followers
Ralph Berry (Labour) – Children & Young People Services and Cllr for Wibsey (who requested to be a paqrt of #TweetBD) – 393 followers

(Kris Hopkins (Conservative) – MP for Keighley and Ilkley doesn’t tweet).
(I haven’t found any tweeting LibDem councillors – please let me know if there are any).
(I haven’t found any tweeting Keighley / Ilkley councillors).

The scoring system
2 – RT of member of the public enjoying an event / attraction in the district or RTing Braford company or organisation, advertising it.
5 – RT with reply / comment on tweet from member of the public enjoying an event / attraction in the district.
10 – RT of account selling a Bradford & District event & attraction, such as @visitBradford, @MediaMuseum or @hiddenBradford.
15 – Tweet from an event / attraction.
50 – tweet linking to a self-penned blogpost / video about enjoying an event or attraction.

I’ll look at accounts retrospectively over a 24hr period and add scores here. Sad, aren’t I?

The Table

If you agree or disagree with what I’m doing, if you think it’s a good yardstick for politicians or stupid beynd belief, please leave a comment and let me know.


About jatkinson1977

I'm in my 30s and married to Sharon, the beautiful woman who keeps me in check. We live in Shipley, just outside Bradford, with our black lab, Nipper. I'm an English teacher in secondary school and, after working as a Teaching & Learning Consultant with the local authority, have returned to the classroom to become a Lead Professional in English at a large comp in Bradford. I'm also trying to become a little more cultured, especially by seeing what culture's right here on my doorstep in Bradford and West Yorkshire (please see my blog, 'Am I Kulchad Yet?'). I've got a third and final blog which is filled with things that, essentially, don't fit into the other two but are interesting enough to share (please see my blog, 'Things That Occur To Me').
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