Referendum Results 1: It’s the end of the World as we know it (and I feel ashamed)

EURef JigsawThem and [∆s] – for professors Farage, Johnson, Cameron and Corbyn.

Ashamed. “I’m ashamed to be British” wrote a former school friend on Facebook – and I agreed. I was ashamed of my country and countrymen when I found we’d voted out of Europe. They’d taken [∆s] out of Europe against our will and they’d done the wrong thing and the reasons were obvious: I was ashamed because my countrymen had shown themselves to be stupid, ignorant and racist. What other reasons could there be?

What other reasons could there be? When you don’t treat that question as rhetorical, you’ll see why I remain ashamed – but of myself and not THEM.

A couple of things to bear in mind:

  • I know sod all – these are just my thoughts.
  • Much of what I write will be stereotypical, patronising and, quite possibly, offensive. When I write of us, I mean middle-class, educated, Remainers, generally happy with life; when I write of them, I mean Leavers – and I’ll explain who (I think) they are as go on. There’ll be times you don’t like how I write about us nor how I write about them.
  • I often use polling data to show why I think Remainers voted one way and Leavers another, but I’m also fully aware that this is based on averages and is almost as often wrong as it is right.
  • When I write about us or ‘we’, I often (but not always) mean me – but I’m putting it in the third person because I hope others think the same as me and if I pretend ‘me’ is ‘we’, it means I’m not the only one who was an absolute arse.
  • This series of posts is an acceptance of the EU referendum decision – even a celebration of it – and, most of all, an apology to people who follow me on social media: I have been a patronising bore who, at times, ignored and belittled you. For that, I’m sorry.

So, why did Leavers vote Leave? Simple! You can click on the link (as they appear) to see why Leavers are:



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I'm in my 30s and married to Sharon, the beautiful woman who keeps me in check. We live in Shipley, just outside Bradford, with our black lab, Nipper. I'm an English teacher in secondary school and, after working as a Teaching & Learning Consultant with the local authority, have returned to the classroom to become a Lead Professional in English at a large comp in Bradford. I'm also trying to become a little more cultured, especially by seeing what culture's right here on my doorstep in Bradford and West Yorkshire (please see my blog, 'Am I Kulchad Yet?'). I've got a third and final blog which is filled with things that, essentially, don't fit into the other two but are interesting enough to share (please see my blog, 'Things That Occur To Me').
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6 Responses to Referendum Results 1: It’s the end of the World as we know it (and I feel ashamed)

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  3. I voted out and I am NONE of those – perhaps a bit Nationalistic perhaps but I think Britain has done the best thing against Globalisation this Century.


    • Yep, many (and when it comes to racism, I would hope most) Leavers won’t be in any category; I’ve used post-polling data and conversations with other people to show what Remainers think of Leavers. As the posts appear, you’ll see that they aren’t really about what Leavers are, and more about what Remain voters think Leavers are.

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  4. Paul Colley says:

    Excellent analysis. I hope people take the time to read the whole series.


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