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National Media Museum – the final scene?

Sadly, Bradford’s National Media Museum is under attack again. Last week a story broke which has got worse and worse. What started as “cultural asset stripping”, even “cultural rape”, is being seen as a winding down of The National Media … Continue reading

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Galloway’s Legacy to Bradford

Bradford is a Galloway-Free Zone. Were sweeter words ever written? After the shenanigans of the election, with allegations of electoral fraud here and criminality there, a lie for a lie being the order of the day (if one is to … Continue reading

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Eduwhinge 1: Why are they failing our kids?

Education in Bradford is poor. It’s a fact. Bradford is the worst city in the country to educate your child, joint second worst local education authority (LEA) in the country and is in the worst overall area, Yorkshire & the … Continue reading

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